Use this page if you have a CD/DVD Drive in your computer.
This program does not function from the CD

So follow the steps below

Step 1

Insert the CD into the CD/DVD drive on your computer

Step 2

Open your file browser to the CD/DVD drive

Step 3

Open the Windows Folder on the CD

Step 4

RIGHT click on the JoyToKey_en folder

Step 5

LEFT click on Copy (I know nothing happened, no problem)

Step 6

Go to your Documents Folder

Step 7

In a blank space in the right hand side RIGHT click, a menu pops up

Step 8

LEFT click Paste

Now if you did everything right there should be a new folder in your Documents Folder called JoyToKey_en

If not, See Step 2. If there is proceed to Step 9

Step 9

Open the JoyToKey_en folder

Step 10

RIGHT click on the JoyToKey.exe Application file (menu pops up)

Step 11

LEFT click Properties

Step 12

Click on the Compatibility tab

Step 13

Put a check mark in the box "Run As Administrator"

Step 14

Click OK

Step 15

RIGHT click on the JoyToKey.exe Application file (menu pops up)

Mouse over "Send To" you will see Desktop (Create Shortcut) Click it

Step 16

Close all open windows

You should have a shortcut on your desktop for the JoyToKey program.
In not go back to Step 15, if so proceed

Step 17

This is for Windows 10 Users ONLY
RIGHT click on the shortcut and clicl Run as Administrator.
You do want this program to run so you click Yes or Continue (I don't remember, I'm still running Windows 7)

Step 18

If your running Optishot go to the driving range and see if you can aim left or right, if that works all the rest will work.

You need this program to be running in the background before you launch your golf simulator program.