These are things you need to do to get JoyToKey for Windows or ENJOYABLE for Mac up and functioning.

The program needs to be running in the background in order for it make the Controller function in your simulator program.

Download JoyToKey from their server.

Once you download the program you will need to unzip the files into a folder.
I try to get everyone to unzip it to a new folder in their Documents Folder (makes it easier)

You can also get the Optishot Configuration file HERE That way you don't need to configure the buttons later
Unzip the .cfg file into the folder you made in your Documents directory for the JoyToKey program.
The files should look like the image below.

For Windows and JoyToKey from the CD

Copy the JoyToKey_en folder from the CD to your computer. Remember where you copied it to.

Find the folder you just copied it to on your computer and open it.

This is for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (See Windows 10 below)

You will see the listing of files as below.


Right click on JoyToKey.exe and a little window will pop up as below.

Left click on Properties and another window will pop up as below. Go to the Compatibility Tab

Apply the settings as you see in the above image.
"Run this program in compatibilty mode for:"
Windows XP (Service Pack2) - This is for Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
Put a Check in "Run this program as an Administrator"
Click "Apply" then click "OK"

For Windows 10

You need to copy the folder (JoyToKey_en) from the Windows folder on the CD to your hard drive

LET ME REPEAT THAT AGAIN: You need to copy the folder (JoyToKey_en) from the Windows folder on the CD to your hard drive
The program will run off the CD but it won't do what your expecting in your golf simulator.
I try to get everyone to copy it to their Documents Folder
Go back to your Desktop and Right Click and Create a Shortcut to the JoyToKey.exe application file in the folder you just copied to your hard drive.
Once the Shortcut is created Right Click on it and click "Run as Administrator" then click OK
OK, you completed the hard part of getting this up and running with Optishot.

You need to run this program before you start your Optishot program.

It will look like the image below when it is running. Just leave in on your desktop till your finished playing Optishot.

In the image below Buttons 7 & 9 should be reversed. This was an older image we had and since then moved the Mulligan button out of the way.

To close JoytoKey you need to Click "File" then click "Exit". Just clicking the "X" does not close the program.

Setting up the Controller on a Mac using ENJOYABLE

You will need to download and install the program called "ENJOYABLE"
There is a copy of the Program on the CD, not knowing anything about a MAC you can try to install from
the CD but not sure if a third party program works that way on a MAC. Special THANK YOU to Mike for helping to get a setup for the Mac users
Now that it is installed, launch the Enjoyable program.
It loads with a default profile which we couldn't save what we needed or delete it, so create a new profile and name it Optishot.
Once the new Optishot configuration is made make sure to click it to hilite it.
Make sure the controller is plugged into a USB port
Press the CLUB UP button (Top Left) on the controller, this should hilite the Button 1 in Enjoyable.
If it hilites the Button 1 line then it's easy sailing from here
Click the radio button in ENJOYABLE where it says "Press a Key" then on the keyboard of the computer press the UP ARROW key
This should have put a little arrow pointing up in the box. If it does we are on a roll.
You will need to do this in ENJOYABLE for all 10 Buttons on the Controller
Below is what you want to put in for each button.

Controller Button Key PressWhat it does
Button 1 Club Up
Button 2 Club Down
Button 3 Fn ↑ Trajectory Up
Button 4 Fn ↓ Trajectory Down
Button 5 Point Left
Button 6 Point Right
Button 7 C Clear Tracers
Button 8 S Show Scorecard
Button 9 M Mulligan
Button 10 H Left or Right Handed
Fn is the Function Key

Now that you have all the buttons configured you leave ENJOYABLE running in the background and fire up Optishot.
You should now be able to do the controls from the controller instead of always walking back to the keyboard.
Just remember to make sure the Optishot configuration is hilited before launching the Optishot Game.
For you golfers that only have right handed golfers in your group, in place of the "H" for Button 10 you can use Fn F9.
This raises your view when your chipping up to an elevated green. Just press the button again to go back to normal view.

To relaunch Enjoyable again you need to hold the Command key and right click mouse then click Open.
All this info comes from a Mac user since I do not have a Mac to test on. Thank You Mike, glad your enjoying the controller.
Look for us online during tournaments
Give us a shout out

I sure hopes this helps, I've tried to make it as simple as I could. I'm a hands on type of person, not an instructor.