Are you tired of walking back and forth to change your club settings when using a Golf Simulator? Well here is the solution to that problem.
Just plug into a USB port on your computer and place this controller near the swing pad to eliminate those steps back and forth.
If your simulator runs on a Windows or Mac computer there is a good chance this controller will work for you.
We knows it works on
These are the only simulators that we had access to.

As you can see in this picture we have played many rounds on our simulator and never had a problem with the controller.

We run a keyboard emulator program (Joy2key) before launching your simulator and never have to go back to the keyboard till the end of the game.

This controller measures 6" X 18" X 1.75"

Made out of solid maple which has been stained black and has three coats of clear

The 10 buttons are marked as:
Club selection up and down
Trajectory up and down
Left and Right for aiming
ave tried it Mulligan
Score to bring up your scorecard
Clear to remove the pesky tracers
Hand to switch from left and right hand

There is enough space between the buttons where you can use the head of your club to change the settings.

Your can purchase our controller on

Included with the controller is a CD with the Joy2Key program and button configuration file.

You can find the detailed instructions here JoyToKey / ENJOYABLE Instructions

You can also find STEP BY STEP instructions if you have a CD/DVD drive HERE to at least get the program up and functioning.

If your one of the unfortunate ones without a CD/DVD drive you can find Step by Step instructions HERE to setup JoyToKey
If your running TGC 2019 and need help then head over to the TGC 2019 Help page.